Coming Home Concert

The Eltham Community Centre has been restored and is magnificent. The band is excited to be performing a home coming concert. We hope you can join us.


There is a musical menu to start with, then you are invited to stay for refreshments afterwards.

The Musical Menu includes:

  • The Finale of Dvorak’s New World Symphony. Naturally enough, we will be playing that at the end.
  • The clarinet section demonstrating their prowess in “Place¬† St. Henri”. 1920’s cool from Oscar Peterson
  • Our own Will Jones performing “Rhapsody for Euphonium” by Jim Curnow.
  • “Congestion Charge” depicting the traffic chaos in London, presumably before the Congestion Charge was introduced. An interesting work from the British composer Nigel Hess.
  • Serenade for Wind Band by Derek Bourgeois. There are all sorts of stories about this piece, including a suggestion that it was the processional music for his own wedding. Its rhythms are such that nobody can walk in time to it.
  • “Looking Good”. A standard Jazz March by Sammy Nestico.
  • The standard instrumentation for a “Wind Quintet” is Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon. The band has a fine flautist, an outstanding oboist, a consummate clarinettist, and a harmonious horn player. They will give the rest of the band a rest to bring you items that fit into this smaller instrumentation. The traditional Shenandoah, Micky Mouse as the sorcerer’s apprentice, and perhaps one more.
  • Duke Ellington’s Sophisticated Ladies. A well arranged medley.