Concerts and Other events

On the 16th March the Eltham Concert Band suspended its weekly rehearsals. Rehearsing would have been in contravention of the guidelines then in force for the Covid-19 State of Emergency.

Our original plans had been for a first concert on Sunday 24 May 2020, with a theme of “Around the World in 80 Minutes”: to set off from Australia playing a piece of Australian Music, and then travel around the world playing music from each of the countries we visit, arriving back in Australia by playing another Australian piece.

We initially hoped that we would be able to proceed with this concert, but, since we initially suspended rehearsal, guidelines have become much stricter regulations. We see little chance of returning to rehearse before the planned date of the concert, and the concert itself would appear out of the question.

The second major concert was planned for Sunday 11th October 2020. This was to feature one of the hardest pieces we are yet to attempt: West Side Story.

With the uncertainties over rehearsals, we do not know what is going to happen. Maybe we will be unable to have any concerts this year. Or maybe the first concert will be held in October with West Side story being held over for next year.

We hope, at least, that we will be able to do the Warrandyte Carols at Stiggants Reserve on Dec 19th.

We wish our audience (and all others) a safe passage through these difficult times.