The Band will rehearse again in Feb

It seems unbelievable, but we are due to return to rehearsing on the scheduled date of the 1st Feb. And the size of the Hall means that we would be allowed to have 58 people in a rehearsal, which exceeds our current number of members. There are a few changes, but none that are overly restrictive. We will have to arrange the chairs to provide the correct distancing, and we will be restricted to no food sharing, but none of this is too restrictive. Probably the largest change is that we will no longer be able to allow people to just turn up for a rehearsal to see if they and the band are a fit. With social distancing, we cannot people sharing music folders, so we need to know who will attend before the occasion so that we have enough music.

Some of our members will not be returning initially. Some are at high risk themselves, and some live with those that are at high risk. We hope that events will mean that we will see them soon.